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Andrew outside The Lodge Avebury.
Andrew Blackall was born in St John's Wood, London; just around the corner from the Abbey Road Studios. He's a free lance producer, working in documentary, film and music video production and is contactable via the web site.
Educated in Harrow, he trained as an actor, working in everything from fringe to film, television and advertising; employed on projects as diverse as Eastenders and a North American cereal marketing campaign for Sultana Bran. In 1995 Andrew appeared on the David Frost show alongside Eric Clapton & John Cleese, He continues to contribute his unique wit and individual take on life with occasional appearances on radio and TV chat shows.

Andrew Blackall in a production meeting with Paul Martin.

His professional influences are as varied as fellow Producers Hank Bargine and Brian Clemens, his favourite directors are Rachel Liebling, Stanley Kubrick and Robert Hamer.

His is the unique ability to produce thought provoking documentary programming with mass appeal and huge marketing potential. Between 1996 and 2001 Andrew contributed his talents to over 40 productions. He has worked with fellow producers as diverse as Ron Zimmerman and Duncan Kenworthy.

His musical tastes are somewhat eclectic and vary hugely from trad jazz to trance, Classical music, Rock and Motown … with a little bit of Grunge thrown in.
In 1979, Andrew pointed out to Paul McGuiness that 'U2' was a Vienna metro route and a crap name for a band! Paul has been their manager since 1978, Andrew hasn't. Andrew appeared on the All New Alexei Sayle Show uttering the immortal words "I'm not happy". He appeared too in several issues of XL Magazine as Mr Fat and fronted the Midland Bank's ad campaign as Robbie. Andrew was originally considered by David Yates (Harry Potter) as Melmotte in Andrew Davies adaptation of 'The way we live now' (Anthony Trollope).

A committed vegetarian, he continues to campaign vigorously for both human rights and animal welfare. Andrew is devoted to his three children and lives in Wiltshire, England.

"As a father, the welfare of my children is my most important mission in life; I'm sure you too are horrified by the ongoing genocide of Africa's children, through HIV/Aids, Civil war and malnutrition. Many of its young people simply haven't the luxury of a safe family environment in which to live". Click here and make a difference.

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