'Shrine of the times'

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The old lady of threadneedle street

Filming on a busy London street in the heart of the City, this is one of my favourite pieces to camera. It almost reminds me of a 60's Hollywood epic, with Paul our splendid Jason of the Argonauts, his Hobitesque appeal sitting comfortably amongst the columns and Imperial splendours of this financial inner sanctum. Our sound recordist Adam certainly had his work cut out with a myriad of chattering souls milling around, yet he rose to the occasion with a professionalism one would expect from such an experienced ear!

Shrine Time

Filmed with the kind permission of Sir Edward Dashwood, our camera man Nathan certainly captured the textured beauty of this hallowed mausoleum.
Using Steady-cam to enhance our presenters monologue, digital-beta the medium of choice, I'm sure you'll agree that movement in such a divine setting adds greatly to ones production brief.


Backdrop to ceremonies and explorations over an incredible six millennia, Avebury Henge is the largest known stone circle in the world; set in the heart of this Wessex wonderland, we set out to capture the wealth of stunning monumental heritage in the early light of mid summer sunrise with just a few sheep for company.

Hari Krishna

Purchased with the kind assistance of musician George Harrison, Bhaktivedanta Manor is the largest Hindu Temple in Europe, home to the ISKCON movement better known as Hari Krishna.
Welcomed there by the temple president we were allowed to film during one of their ceremonies creating an interesting challenge for our director Andrew. Filming our interview in the Presidents office, Gouri and Vershana soon relaxed and I'm sure you'll enjoy this taster of spiritual wit and harmony.

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